The Relationship Clinic

“Finally! Here’s how to have the relationship you’ve yearned for, even if you’ve tried and failed many times before, Guaranteed”

Dear friends

It’s frightening when you realise that your relationship is not what you’d hoped it would be.
That potentially your relationship is at risk.
Couples read lots of books and participate in numerous counselling and therapy sessions when they realise that this is so.
A few will make the necessary changes
But many won’t and most will fail. Frustratingly and repeatedly.
Perhaps you are one of those who have experienced a failure?
Maybe you know what it’s like to try and fail, again and again and again.
You do your very best, but you end up in the same sad, hurtful, distressed emotional space regardless
Does any of this sound familiar?
Don’t feel bad – you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.
The reason for your frustration is not a lack of willpower, it’s not gullibility, and it’s not a moral failing on your part.
What has held you back is that both you and your partner, will have fallen into some very unhelpful patterns of communicating, as we all can do.
You will both have had the right intentions, it’s just that you will both have ended up trying to sort your differences in very unhelpful ways.
Think about that. Let it soak in.
Once you get a handle on this it can all be very different.

Now, Why Would You Listen to Me?
That’s a good question to be asking right now

Hi, my name is Hal Kennedy …

and I have spent almost 30 years as a counsellor, therapist, educator, facilitator and mediator working with couples to make their relationships better.

  • I am a Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors,
  • The New Zealand Arbitrators and Mediators Institute.
  • A Clinical Supervisor and an
  • Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Mediator.

And I will state categorically that with the right tools and the right guide to keep you on track, you too can experience the level of caring, compassion and fulfilment that you yearn for in your relationship.
It really is simple. But often not obvious.
Sometimes we think others were just born with the ability to magically have a great relationship.
But they weren’t. They just luckily hit upon a better way of sorting their differences.
And you can learn how to do that too.

Because we now have;
The Diamond Relationship Programme
The first Relationship Strengthening Programme that coaches couples to fully understand each other’s needs and desires and to be able to truly be there for each other.
It involves detailed coaching support such as, “try doing it this way, instead of the way you usually do it” or “try saying this, instead of rolling your eyes like you were going to” that virtually ensures success
You will experience the same secrets I’ve used over the past almost thirty years, to enable?an almost endless stream of couples to bring the love, the joy and the intimacy back into their relationships.?And I know those relationship strategies will work for you too!

Here’s what other people have said about the Diamond Relationship Programme

Thank you for the counselling session yesterday, Hal. For the first time in what feels like (and what might actually be) months, I felt heard. I felt that I could share how I feel and that I could feel what I feel. With less fear of judgment & with fewer pre-emptions of chastisement or questioning, I slowly felt more open to simply be. I felt safer. And, even through my tears, I felt I could breathe a bit easier, relax and let my guard down. Surprisingly, with this feeling (that I was truly being heard and that my feelings mattered), I in turn felt I was more open to listen to, understand, and empathize with Alexey.Mari
Things are going really well with us and many of the communication tools you taught us are second nature now.
So a huge thanks to you Hal.Jenny McFadden
Thank you Hal – We laugh often as we pull out wee sayings and strategies from our sessions with you, and we chat about you often. Sam Silby
I really don’t think we’d be at this place in our lives and so excited about the future now. So glad that we decided that counselling was worth a shot. James
Hal is a relaxed and easy going counsellor. He taught us useful, practical techniques to resolve issues. After three sessions Kate and I got engaged to be married,
Thanks Hal.Warren Saky
Your help and guidance has been a real saving grace for us Hal, and we are so thankful. Sandra
Hal has been a fantastic counsellor for us. Not only has he given us strategies for use and help in our relationship, but has also given important life skills to help myself personally. He is an upbeat and modern counsellor, who knows how the world and relationships are in this current time, while also respecting traditional views. As soon as I met him I felt at ease. Hal is very easy to talk to and sympathetic also. Kate MacLean
Hal – I am looking forward to future sessions with you. I already feel lighter, freer, less scared, more hopeful, and more like the me that I have locked up behind a half-painted facade of indifference can come out — and that the underlying sadness, doubts and fear that pervades much of my everyday now will make way to the once-upon-a-time “me” who I have longingly missed — and who Alexey surely misses too: the happy, the silly, the caring, the loving, the (more) confident me.
Thank you.Mari

Just think what it would be like to feel so delighted, excited and thankful, that you might be prompted to write your own note of appreciation? Imagine the sensation! Imagine how you would feel about your relationship. 

The Diamond Relationship Programme is a Complete One Day Relationship Retreat. There will only be you and your partner there, in an exotic location and you will have the undivided support, tuition and attention of myself. That day will take as long as it takes, and will be followed by up to 3 months of fortnightly follow up support sessions by Skype. Held at an exotic location of your choice, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to create the relationship you want, the relationship you yearn for, the relationship you deserve.

Right about now, if I were you, there would be one question on my mind…

How Much Does It Cost?

You’re smart.
You looked around and you know that other Relationship Rejuvenation Programmes cost sometimes up to ten thousand dollars.

And they don’t come with 3 months of follow up support that the Diamond Relationship Programmme does, and it is this which virtually guarantees success.

And they don’t come with a money back guarantee, which states;

“That if after the first 3 hours of us working together to create the relationship you deserve, you decide that this is not for you, just let me know and I will give your Programme fees back in full”.

Yes, that’s right, a full and complete refund of all monies that you have paid for the Programme.
Because of my many years of experience, I believe so strongly in the effectiveness of my work and the Diamond Relationship Programme that I am willing to effectively offer you what amounts to A FREE TRIAL.

Right now, you don’t even need to be totally sure, because IT’S RISK FREE.
Because if, in any way, the programme does not suit you, just let me know and I will give you your money back. Guaranteed.

All you have to do is ENROLL NOW, and within 48 hours, one of my staff will be in contact with you to arrange a suitable time and venue so that you can begin to experience the totally life and relationship enhancing Diamond Relationship Programme.
Then, should you, at the end of our first three hours together let me know that you are not happy with what you have received. I will give you a complete 100% refund of all programme monies. No probing, no pressure, just 100% money back. Guaranteed.

So there really is no alternative but to step out and make the choice now to;