The Relationship Clinic is focused specifically on the provision of effective, therapeutic counselling and coaching for couples who wish to improve their relationship. We offer the following services:


Hal offers discreet, flexible Skype counselling sessions tailored to your needs. This could be individual counselling, a couple still living together, or even a separated couple looking to find some answers about what’s best for them. With sessions lasting an hour and the ability to book a time that you wouldn’t usually be able to, these sessions provide the perfect opportunity to have a face to face talk with an expert about some of the emotional or communication issues you’ve always wanted to discuss.

Couples Counselling  

This process allows couples to gain a greater understanding of how to have a better relationship. Most importantly they can gain a greater awareness of how not to ‘push each others buttons. They will learn more effective ways of meeting their needs and resolving the differences that will always arise in a relationship. It also provides the support (through coaching) to actually make it happen. Having a greater understanding is not enough on it’s own. Couples must put their learning and understandings into practice. This is why Process Oriented Counselling is so effective. Couples actually have to learn to do their relationship differently.

Couples Workshops

Also available are intensive weekend long workshops for couples who seek comprehensive in-depth relationship help. These weekends provide the necessary tools required to improve your relationship. The workshops includes presentations, exercises, and in-depth therapeutic work. These workshops are highly effective because you will:

  •  Be away from routines and distractions, so you’ll be better able to focus on each other.
  •  Receive highly focused and personalised relationship counselling for five or more hours per day for two to four days.
  •  Rapidly develop a sense of safety which will allow you to dive into your problems and deal with them head-on.
  •  Get the concentrated, uninterrupted, and unhurried time you need to make rapid progress.
  •  Benefit from the accumulated knowledge and wisdom that arises out of group discussions.
  •  Experience support and encouragement from other group members.
  •  Learn from the insights and understandings experienced by others in the group.


Individual Counselling

From my many years of counselling and facilitating experience I have worked extensively with a wide variety of emotional and behavioural issues.

Public Speaking For Groups

Tailored to your group’s interests and time frame. The following discussion points can be addressed:

  • Practical ideas that are positive, easily implemented and that have been shown to make relationships better.
  • What couples who have grown distant and cool in their relationship need to do to restore the warmth and satisfaction that they used to have.
  • What needs to be done to minimise the arguments that are so common in many relationships
  •  Insights into what is required to effect lasting, positive changes in relationships that are not working well.