Hal Kennedy

Hal is a skilled and experienced counsellor, coach, facilitator, mediator,

trainer and supervisor who has worked with group and couple dynamics for more than 30 years.

Hal trained as a facilitator and counsellor with Marriage Guidance NZ and went on to become Clinical Team Leader, Supervisor and Trainer for Relationship Services, New Zealand’s pre-eminent national counselling organisation.

Of recent years Hal has been working independently and is an approved Family Court Counsellor.

MoreThan 30 Years Experience

Over Arching Goal

Hal’s goal is to support those he works with to develop the skills, strategies and expertise that will enable them to create more respectful, rewarding and satisfying relationships for themselves and their children.

Hal is one of the most skilled and experienced relationship counsellors available. His couple’s counselling and couples workshops have brought hope and relief to many couples and their families.


Love the work

Hal’s focus is to work with couples who wish to bring something magical back into their lives and their relationships. He loves working with couples who wish to recreate some of the essence that was there for them when they first entered into their relationship and who are prepared to do what it takes to create it afresh.