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Are you wishing to experience two completely FREE relationship counselling sessions. (numbers are limited)

FREE relationship counselling sessions

Hal Kennedy now has more than 30 years of experience in supporting couples to make their relationship special again.

If you look elsewhere on this website you will see numerous reports of lives changed and relationships transformed as a result of those years of insights gained and skills developed. Potential clients benefit from this and also through knowing how effective counselling takes place. Hal also supervises numerous other counsellors who are continuing to grow their skills as they work with couples.

A highly effective way to provide insight and understanding to potential clients and to other counsellors is to demonstrate how it’s done, via actual video recordings of genuine, authentic real live counselling sessions.

To do this we need several couples who are interested in transforming their relationship, to be available to participate in these recorded sessions.

Anyone who does decide to participate in this process can be assured that their privacy will be protected, either by the blurring of any facial features or the removal of any identifying remarks. So, if you are interested in experiencing two (2) completely free counselling sessions with Hal and as a result experiencing the relationship transforming aftermath, then fill in the form below and Hal will be in touch.

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What our clients say

“Hal Kennedy is a relaxed and easy going counsellor. He taught us useful, practical techniques to resolve issues. After three sessions Kate and I got engaged to be married! Thanks Hal.”

– Warren Saky

“We laugh often as we pull out wee sayings and strategies from our sessions with you, and we chat about you often. Your help and guidance has been a real saving grace for us Hal, and we are so thankful!

– Sam Silby

“Things are going really well with us and many of the communication tools you taught us are second nature now. So a huge thanks to you – I really don’t think we’d be at this place in our lives and so excited about the future without you. So glad that we decided that counselling was worth a shot!”

– Jenny