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From his many years of counselling experience Hal has devised a particularly effective way of working with couples called Process Oriented Counselling and Coaching.

1415226_75362337Generally the counselling process involves inviting clients to talk through the issues as they see them, and then gradually, through a process of reflection and observation, support them to realise for themselves the changes that would be useful for them to make. This is usually experienced as a very respectful process often referred to as Client Centred Counselling.

However when working with couples this process can get subverted by the distressed responses (button pushing) that sometimes get generated when couples start to talk about their issues and concerns with, or in front of their partner. This can result in heated exchanges and an overall shutting down of the conversation.


The effectiveness of Hal’s work is based primarily on the counselling/coaching style he employs. Process Oriented Counselling focuses on how the parties interact with each other, the words they use, the tone of voice, the body language, etc, rather than the issues themselves.

Hal adopts a strong presence and tightly manages this process so that clients can speak their mind and feel their words have been heard and respected, the end result being that the issues then tend to get sorted.

Most couples report making significant improvements to their relationship in a very short space of time and many are so delighted with the results that they continue the process to achieve even further benefits.

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