Counselling For

Women and Young People

From time to time life can seem like a struggle.  Sometimes emotions just seem to build up.

People can get to the point where they are emotionally distressed and at times actually overwhelmed.

These are times when a defined, focussed course of skilled and empathetic counselling can work wonders.  By easing the emotional turmoil and pressure that can be generated by the grief of loss, or the trauma and friction of experiencing an acrimonious relationship breakup, people can regroup and re-evaluate where they are at and where they want to be.

Individual counselling can be the catalyst for a more healthy emotional state, clearer thinking and a new direction.

Meet Emma Wareing

Emma is experienced in working with young people and women on a number of life struggles, including past trauma, anxiety, depression, domestic abuse, and relationship difficulties.

Through her warm, empathetic nature, Emma offers her clients the space to figure out the cause of their feelings, support in developing new strategies for moving forward, peace of mind, and freedom from habitual patterns. Clients report feeling validated and reassured.

Above all, they appreciate having a connection with an independent person who understands them and is there for them.

Emma is available for individual counselling sessions with women and young people who are seeking emotional relief and a fresh outlook on life.